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Hello Everyone!!
From out of the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains and the small town of Parrottsville, third oldest town in Tennesesee, comes a new and refreshingly new southern gospel group know as Glory Bound.
Welcome to our new web site, Glory Bound (Singing The Gospel).  We are Glory Bound, a southern gospel group from Parrottsville, Tennessee.  Although we are all family, we could have chosen the name of our family or some related name of our family as some singers do, but we chose the name Glory Bound for one reason...we are Glory Bound.  We say that because we are all born again Christians on our way to Heaven, so therefore, we are Glory Bound.
Members of our group are Robert Parker, lead singer, Mike Cameron, baritone singer and John Parker, tenor singer.  Robert and John are brothers and Mike is our cousin.  These men have been singing the gospel for several years with other groups but are joined now in the group Glory Bound.  Rich family harmony gives this group a great sound that carries on a family tradition from long ago.  The Parker family has long been noted for their talent and singing ability in the East Tennessee area for years.  Glory Bound is now keeping that tradition alive and doing it well.
We believe in carrying a strong message about the Lord and His salvation.  John 3:16 is no doubt one of the best known verses in the Bible..."For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."  Do you want that everlasting life today?  You can have salvation and an everlasting life if you will put your trust in the Lord and accept Him as your personal Savior.
Just as the layout at the top of this site indicates, the sun will be coming up in the morning.  Look to Jesus and keep your eye on the eastern sky.  We hope and pray that you believe in Jesus, if you don't, then do accept Him as your will never be the same and God will truly bless you.
We want to give a very special thank you to our wives and families for their never ending support.  Without their support and the help of the Lord, we could not make it.
Please scroll down and view our site.  We have included a little information that we hope you will enjoy.
God bless you from Glory Bound!

Pictured left to right, John Parker tenor singer, Robert Parker, lead singer & manager and Mike Cameron, baritone singer.
Scroll down to meet us individually!

Here we are on the gazebo ready for anything!  This is Robert Parker, Lead singer, and his wonderful wife Jean.  Robert is also manager of the group.  He has been singing gospel music for 35 years.  before that, He briefly sang country music but God showed him where he really needed to be and that was in the gospel music field.  Robert has never regretted a moment since God came into his life.  His goal is to  lead as many people as possible to the Lord...and this is also the goal of all the group.

Well, he finally smiled...John rarely smiles in a photo, (we kid him about that a little).  This is John Parker and his wife Peachie.  John sings tenor with the group.  Like his brother Robert, John sang country music in the past, waaaay in the past!  When the Lord saved him, he knew he had to sing gospel for the Lord.  His pure tenor voice reminds one of the old blurgrass style of years ago.  He adds a lot to the group.  Oh yes, since the Lord saved him, he does have a lot to smile about!

This is Mike Cameron and his wife Yvonne.  Mike is one of the best baritone singers around.  His rich, deep tones add great harmony to Glory Bound.  Mike is a cousin to Robert and John.  Mike and Robert sang together in another group several years ago, but the group disbanded and they went their seperate ways singing and working for the Lord.  However, after about 25 years, the Lord has brought them back together again in Glory Bound along with John Parker.  Mike brings a wonderful testimony and words of praise for the Lord.  You will be blessed by his talent and witness for the Lord.

Oh yeah!!!  This is the way to go...ride down the road in comfort...leave the driving to ???  However, this is not our new mode of transportation, although we would like to have a bus like this in the future, Lord willing.

Scroll down to see what we travel in for real.

Oh is nice to dream, but the Lord has already provided us with some good transportation.  We have been fortunate and BLESSED in having good transportation to get us and our equipment to any and all of our concerts. 
We recently purchased this bigger trailer because our inventory has grown.  If God wants us to have a bus to travel in, then He will provide one. 
Please pray that God will keep making a way for us to have good transportation so we can travel safely and make all our engagements...therefore, being able to sing and witness for the Lord.

We have just made our first CD together as Glory Bound.  The songs on this CD are some of our favorites.
A list of the songs are:

 1 - I've Got So Much To Thank Him For
 2 - No Longer An Orphan
 3 - Hold To God's Unchanging Hand
 4 - The Land Of Living
 5 - The Blood Is Still There
 6 - Arise
 7 - When We All Get To Heaven
 8 - Are You Praying Hard
 9 - My Home
10 - Beulah Land
11 - Too Many Times

The CD's are $12.00 each plus $2.00 for shipping and handling for First Class Mail.  If you need the CD faster, then we can ship it by US Priority Mail...$12.00 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling.  We accept cashier checks or U S Postal Money Orders.  Make checks or money orders payable to Glory Bound Singers.
If you would like a copy of our CD, our mailing addresses are below.

Look for us in concert in your area soon.  Come join us for a great time in the Lord with spiritual singing, powerful testimonies and words of praise!  We will be traveling in the East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, Southwestern Virginia, Southern Kentucky, North Western Alabama, Northern Georgia and Northern South Carolina areas.
God is truly blessing this group and we want you to be a part of our ministry as we serve the Lord in song and testimony.
If you would like to have our group in a gospel singing at your church, school, campground, auditorium, festival, etc., feel free to contact us at the addresses below.

                                              Contact Us...for your next Gospel Singing!!!

                                                              Glory Bound Singers
                                                                     P O Box 54
                                                      Parrottsville, Tennessee 37843